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  • Lead Levels in Selected Animal Products From Public Markets in Khartoum State
  • year : 2013
  • How to cite : , 2013 , 14-2 (1) ,pp: 73-79
  • Abstract : This study was carried out to determine the level of contamination with lead element in some animal products (meat, milk and egg), that sold in four public markets in Khartoum state (Jackson, Mayo, Alftahab and Souk Seta). The lead concentration in animal products was determined in the Central Laboratory, (Shambat complex) University of Khartoum. The results showed that, there were significant differences) p<0.05(, of lead level in meat samples. Souk Seta reported the highest lead level (0.11g/g) in meat samples compared to other three public markets and the limits of Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization (SSMO) (the permissible limits) of lead level in meat(0.1g/g),(2008a).No significance difference between milk samples from different markets, but Mayo market showed the highest concentration of lead in milk(0.0023g/ml),compared to other markets ,but less than the limits of SSMO (0.02g/ml),(2008b).Regarding the results of egg samples there was no significance difference between four public markets in Khartoum state, but Alftahab market showed a higher lead concentration (0.133g/ml).
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