Dr. Siham Abd Elwhab Alamin Mohammed

College of Animal Producation Science and Technology

It is my pleasure and great pride that I belong to the Sudan University of Science and Technology, I am. Researcher In Area Sciences And technology of Meat And obtained the Degree of Master And PhD In the Meat Science and Technology From This University Ancient And I From Here I invite Each university community of scholars and faculty and staff and students for the work together under the principle of participation in order to advance the march of the university towards the further development and prosperity which are aimed at achieving excellent growth rates for the various sectors of scientific research and student educational activities, community service and development environment Mrtkzan on scientific grounds and modern technology to keep pace and the requirements of the modern university, including possession of great potential and competencies of enormous creative era At the university professor he will have a full and well-established civilization and glories and religion, principles and society must work to elevate it conviction. And that does not reflect impressed without scrutiny and secretions of Western civilization and tries to convey to the community where he was the most continuity with this civilization and is best placed to understand the positive and negative results and thus sorted out and choosing the right ones. It should be a role model and an example in everything in front of students, and knows that a big and serious role chosen by God Almighty for him to holds this responsibility and he undoubtedly accountant Judgment Day before God when prejudice in this responsibility and the relocation of the secretariat assigned to the students correctly was wished to Do not be a university professor relationship with students confined to classrooms and laboratories, but extends to share them in all cultural, social, artistic, scientific and other activities carried out by the students inside and outside the university and feel as the commander and pilot them, which of them and them with the need to keep reducing the separation of respect and obedience to them and the way that does not make them moving away with him, but trying to approach him and benefit from his advice and guidance.

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