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  • New Approach for Position Control of Induction Motor
  • year : 2010
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  • Abstract : Induction Motor (IM) has such characteristics as multivariable, high coupled and high nonlinearity, which implies that it is very difficult to control. In this paper, to achieve accurate control performance of position control of IM, a newly designed optimal control method is presented. The new proposed controller is designed via combining sliding mode control (SMC) and linear quadratic regulator (LQR). This is new technique fully matches the merits of the easy design of the LQR and the strong robustness of the SMC. To validate the performances of the new proposed control strategy, we provided a series of simulations and a comparative study between the performances of the new proposed controller strategy and those of the LQR and PI controller techniques. Simulation results show that the proposed approach gives a better position response and is robust to parameter variations. Index Terms- Optimal control, Linear quadratic regulator, Sliding mode control, Induction motor, Position control.
  • Author :
  • Aamir H O Ahmed
  • Martino O Ajangnay
  • Matthew W Dunnigan
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