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  • Position Control of Induction Machine Using New Technique to Reduce Chattering
  • year : 2010
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  • Abstract : Induction Motors have been used as the workhorse in the industry for a long time due to its easy build, high robustness, and generally satisfactory efficiency. However, they are significantly more difficult to control than DC motors. One of the problems which might cause unsuccessful attempts for designing a proper controller would be the time varying nature of parameters and variables which might be changed while working with the motion systems. One of the best suggested solutions to solve this problem would be the use of sliding mode control (SMC). This paper presents the design of a new controller for a vector control induction motor drive that employs an outer loop speed controller using SMC. Several tests were performed to evaluate the performance of the new controller method, and two other sliding mode controllers. From the comparative simulation results, one can conclude that the new controller provides high performance dynamic characteristics and is robust with regard to plant parameter variations. Index Terms- Induction motor, Nonlinear control, Sliding mode control, Position control.
  • Author :
  • Aamir H O Ahmed
  • Martino O Ajangnay
  • Matthew W Dunnigan
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