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  • year : 2012
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  • Abstract : As PLCs are now involved in most industrial processes, there for, development of a program to handle the control of a Double Column Lathe Vertical Machine will reduce maintenance rate and enhance machine performance. Further, a sigle PLC unit may control more than one motor via programming extra inputs and outputs already implemented in the PLC or simply by attaching additional input/output modules. The aim of this study is to control a Double Column Lathe Vertical Machine, using programmable logic controller (PLC) instead of conventional control. The proposed control system will be equipped with S7_300 CPU controller, digital I/O module, and digital drives for DC motors and human machine interface (HMI).The communication between system components through Profibus. The system is programmmed with statement list language (STL). The Siemens Simatic Maneger and Win CC Flexible are used to configure the hardware and for simulating the operation.
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