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  • Effect of Soil Type and Moisture on some Biological Aspects of Bactrocera invadens
  • year : 2011
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  • Abstract : The invasive fruit fly (Bactrocera invadens) was found in Sudan in 2004 as unknown species introduced into the country. In 2005, the pest was recorded and identified in Sri Lanka and a number of African countries. Recently, B. invadens has made a rapid expansion across several states in Sudan. Most of the fruit fly larvae pupate in the soil, but the influence of soil type and soil moisture on B. invadens pupal mortality is not known. Soil moisture is considered a major pupal mortality factor on other tropical tephritid species. In Sudan, all orchards are generally irrigated by surface irrigation system. Surface irrigation causes a high humidity in the orchards soil and consume large quantity of water. A laboratory trial was conducted to test the effects of soil type and soil moisture on the pupal survival through a factorial experiment, using three soil types (clay, sand and silt) and five levels of water (0, 5, 10, 15, and 20 ml). Each treatment was replicated three times. Each replicate (a plate, 9 cm in diameter) contain 50 g of soil. Twenty late, thirdinstars larvae (reared from guava fruits) were added to each replicate. The three soil types were analyzed to determine the pH, EC, soil moisture and organic content, in addition to the classification of the soil type. Also, percentages of emerged and non emerged adults, deformed larvae and that of males and females were calculated. The results revealed highly significant differences between soil types and soil moisture. The results showed that, the soil moisture is an affecting factor on B. invadens. The results of this study also indicate that, the surface irrigation applied in orchards is an important factor determining the population density of the fruit fly during the season. The study suggested that, a change of this system of irrigation would be of value in controlling the invasive fruit fly. More investigations are needed on other factors affecting the fruit fly population
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