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  • Isolation of Bacillus Subtilis/amyloliquefaciens and Bacillus Sphaericus from fruit fly larvae in the Sudan
  • year : 2011
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  • Abstract : In Sudan, nearly 40 fruit fly species were recorded; the most serious ones are those attacking mango Mangifera indica, guava Psidium guajava and Citrus spp. In recent years, fruit production has been seriously hampered, mainly, because of the sudden and persistent outbreaks of some fruit fly species. Charles et al. (1996) mentioned that, the use of microorganisms as a source of biological compounds for insect pest control started after the discovery of the highly insecticidal bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis. B. sphuericus is an aerobic bacterium that produces terminal spherical spores. It lacks several biochemical pathways and thus cannot use sugars as metabolites. The findings of various genetic and biochemical studies indicate that this species is heterogenous. The increasing number of isolated strains (more than 150 strains) has made differentiating between toxic and atoxic strains, and between the toxic strains themselves, more difficult. This study was conducted to investigate and identify the reason for the death of wild fruit fly larvae reared out from guava fruit collected from Khartoum, Sudan, in the laboratory
  • Author :
  • Omer.A.A.Sidahmed
  • Awad.K.Taha
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