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  • year : 2012
  • How to cite : , 2012 , 7 (6) ,pp: 380-385
  • Abstract : The epidemiology of the exotic green pit scale insect on Sudan’s main growing Date Palm State had been of negative impact on dates yield. As cost of the recommended pesticide was high, adoption of the recommendation was partial. In this study foliar, soil and combined foliar and soil applications of argel were compared for their potency to control this insect against the recommended pesticide and untreated control. A 100 g argel dose/ palm applied as foliar or soil dressing gave satisfactory control matching that of the chemical pesticide for around 3 months. Besides, clear yield gains were obtained upon argel application coupled with optimum cultural practices. Being a safe cheap local herb, argel can be proposed as an alternative or supplement to the chemical pesticide for the control of the green pit scale insect and enhanced date palm yield
  • Author :
  • Awad K. Taha
  • Khalid O. A. M. Eldoash
  • Tagelsir I. M. Idris
  • O. A. A. Sidahmed
  • References :
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