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  • Evaluate the performance of Internet Protocol Television
  • year : 2011
  • How to cite : , 2011 , () ,pp: 1-4
  • Abstract : Television is now changing its traditional distribution forms to being distributed digitally over broadband networks. The recent development of broadband Internet connectivity has made the transition to Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) possible. When changing distribution technique of an existing service, it is important that the new technique does not make the service worse from the user`s point of view. Although a broadband network offers high capacity and has excellent performance there will be occasional packet losses and delays which could negatively influence the user experience of the delivered broadband service. In this paper we studied and investigated the performance of IPTV in term of send and receive packet as well as delay factor.
  • Author :
  • Dr.Ibrahim Khider
  • Dr.Salah Elfaki
  • References :
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