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  • The High Efficiency of Slotted optical time division multiplexing
  • year : 2011
  • How to cite : , 2011 , () ,pp: 1-5
  • Abstract : In optical time division multiplexed (OTDM) optical data streams are constructed time multiplexing a number of lower bit rate optical streams. The advances in OTDM systems and components research show the technique to be highly suited to the generation and transmission of high capacity data on a single optical carrier. In this work, Spectrum compression based on filters for improving bandwidth efficiency is presented and demonstrated experimentally in 40 GB/s OTDM system. Even after 100km transmission, de multiplexing and clock recovery can be implemented successfully, and the data rate-to-bandwidth ratio has been improved.
  • Author :
  • Dr.Ibrahim Khider
  • Dr.Salah Elfaki
  • Laila Ibrahim
  • Albedeir Yaseen
  • References :
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