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  • Computerized Preventive Maintenance Management System for Haematology Department Equipments
  • year : 2015
  • How to cite : , 2015 , 6 (1) ,pp: 210-216
  • Abstract : The objective of this work is to develop a compact low-cost digital medical ultrasound imaging system that has almost all of its processing steps done on the PC side. The new system was implemented using Analog Devices ultrasound analog front end chipset interfaced to a Virtex-5 FPGA with an 8-lane PCIe interface. The system was plugged into a Pentium 3.0 GHz Core 2 Quad PC with 8 GB memory. The system using serial LVDS interface protocol to, allow the output from an ADCs to come as a serial bit stream with drivers on both the ADC and the FPGA to recover the parallel data. This alleviates the need for designing the sampling and the signal recovery filters while maintaining an optimal performance at significantly lower power consumption. The procedures for the system are: first the derivation of the analytical signal in our design has to be on the digital side. The Hilbert transform can be used to derive the analytical signal from its real part. The 24-tap FIR Hilbert transformed is design with acceptable normalized RMSE with the analytical form of the signal. The FIR Hilbert filter zero tap coefficients are not computed and therefore an order L filter uses only L/2 multiplications .Second, downsample id done for a Hilbert transformed single channel signal from 50 MSPS to a mere 5 MSPS without losing any information to reduce the size of the data, Third: The processing steps which done in the PC side include: the beamforming steps (dynamic receive focusing, aperture growth and apodization), envelope detection and compress the dynamic range. The new system has the potential to lower the cost and speed up the development, thus offering new opportunities for more cost-effective systems.
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