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  • year : 2013
  • How to cite : , 2013 , 1 (5) ,pp: 316-319
  • Abstract : This experiment was conducted to study the effect of feeding chicks on diets containing different levels of life Yeast Saccharomyces cerervisiae as probiotic natural feed additive in productive performance carcass dressing percentage. The Complete Randomize Design (CRD) were used .Total number of (120) chicks one day old unsexed (Arber Acres) breed broiler .Experiment groups randomly were divided in to (5) experimental groups with (3) replicates (8) chicks per replicate. The first group (A) fed on basal diet control group. The second group (B) fed on basal diet with Antibiotic (neomycin), the other group (C, D and, E) were ted on basal diet supplemented with yeast (Sc) pl level 0.1 0.2and 0.3% respectively. The results of experiment indicate that yeast supplemented groups (0.1, 0.2 and 0.3). They remark that significant difference (p> 0.05) in body weight gain (B.W) feed conversion ratio (FCR) in compare with antibiotic neomycin and control group. There is no significant difference in feed intake and carcass dressing percentage affected by dietary treatment is it concluded that dietary DY at 0.3% could improve performance values in body weight gain feed conversion, and highly rate of carcass dressing.
  • Author :
  • Mohammed H. Tabidi
  • Mukhtar AM1
  • ELrashied EL. Elkhidir
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