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  • The Effect of Feeding Increasing Levels of Synthetic Lysine and Methionine in Broiler Chicks
  • year : 2007
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  • Abstract : Four hundred day-old unsexed broiler chicks were used in the second experiment to determine the optimum level of lysine and methionine in broiler diet under Sudan condition. Chicks were randomly distributed to five treatments with eight replicates with ten chicks per each. Five isocaloric (3100kcal), isonitrogenous (22%) diets were formulated. Diet A (1.2% lysine + 0.49meth) without broiler supper concentrate, used as control, diet (B) similar to diet (A) but with broiler supper concentrate, diet C (1.3 lysine+ 0.56 meth), diet (D) (1.4 lysine + 0.6 %meth) and diet (E) (1.5% lysine + 0.63%meth). Results obtained revealed that group (E) positively significant (P<0.05) with other tested groups in feed intake and group (D) was significant (P<0.05) with group (A) and groups E, D and C showed significant increase compared with group A. The slaughter data showed that as the level of lysine and methionineincreased, eviscerated carcass weight, hot and cold dressing percentages and the yield of commercial cuts (breast, drumstick and thigh) increased significantly (P<0.05) compared to the control diet. The average meat yield from the commercial cuts increased significantly (P<0.05) with the increase of the synthetic lysine and methionine levels. The carcass chemical composition showed no significant difference (P>0.05). The marginal profit obtained from chicks fed on-diet (E) recorded the highest value followed by group D and diet A as the lowest marginal profit.
  • Author :
  • Mukhtar Ahmed Mukhtar
  • A. Mekkawi
  • M. ELTigani
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