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  • year : 2012
  • How to cite : , 2012 , 33 () ,pp: 9-15
  • Abstract : Prosopis juliflora pods (pp), as unconventional feed ingredients was incorporated in broiler diets by replacing sesame cake at o, 5, 10 and 15 per cent with or without enzyme. An experiment with 7 day-old commercial Ross 308 broiler chicks were randomly distributed in 8 treatment groups of 21 chicks in each with three replicates. Chicks fed on diet containing 5%Prosopis pod (PP) replacing sesame meal supplemented with enzyme recorded significant (P< o. o5) heavy body weight, body weight gain, more feed intake, and the best value of feed conversion ratio. No significant differences were noticed in percent values of eviscerated carcasses and selected commercial cuts (breast, drumstick and thigh) due to dietary inclusion of (pp) with or without enzyme supplementation. Also there were no significant differences (P>o. o5) were recorded for physical and chemical composition of broiler meat, feces chemistry and constituents of blood plasma. Enzyme supplementation apparently improves the general performance of broiler chicks in all dietary treatments. Economically Prosopis pods may be safely included in broiler diets replacing sesame meal up to 15% with or without enzyme without any adverse effect.
  • Author :
  • A.M. Mukhtar
  • References :
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