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  • year : 2014
  • How to cite : , 2014 , 4 (2) ,pp: 80-82
  • Abstract : A total of 120 broiler chicks, were used in this experiment to evaluate the effect of feeding local concentrate replaced the imported concentrate on the performance of broiler chicks. Three dietary treatments were formulated as: diet (A) containing 5% imported concentrate (IC), diets B and C containing 5% and 7.5% local concentrate (LC) respectively. The experiment was replicated four times with 10 chicks / replicate. The experiment was lasted for six weeks. The measured parameters were, average body weight, average feed intake average body weight gain and feed conversion ratio. Results obtained revealed that substitution of imported concentrate with local concentrate had significantly (P<0.05) positive effect on chicks performance. Whereas, chicks fed diet with 7.5% LC significantly observed best performance. However, chicks fed on 5% LC showed significantly (P<0.05) the best FCR. Substitution of local concentrate (LC) with LC economically profitable.
  • Author :
  • Mukhtar Ahmed Mukhtar
  • Mohamed H Tabidi
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