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  • The Effect of Dietary Microbial Phytase Enzyme supplementation on the performance of broiler chicks
  • year : 2015
  • How to cite : , 2015 , 4 (1) ,pp: 30-34
  • Abstract : This experiment was conducted to evaluate the ability of supplemental microbial phytase enzyme (500FTU) to improve the utilization of essential amino acids mainly (lysine and methionine ) that could be bounded to phytate in plant based diet for broilers ..A total of 150 -7 th days old unsexed commercial broiler chicks( Ross-308)were weighed and allotted randomly to 3 treatment groups (50 birds for each treatment)each one divided into 5 replicates with 10 chicks per each .All chicks were experimentally fed for 6 weeks on ground brooding rearing system . Three experimental diets were formulated :A) a positive control diet (PC)which was contained imported super –concentrate to suffice the essential amino acids: B) as a negative control diet (NC)based on only plant protein which was marginally deficient in lysine and methionine, and (C) NC diet supplemented with microbial phytase . All diets were formulated to be iso- nitrogenous (23CP) and iso -caloric (3100kcal/kg). The results indicated that addition of microbial phytase enzyme to NC diet caused a significant (p˂0.05) improvement in body weight gain , feed intake , feed conversion ratio , protein efficiency ratio dressing percentage and net profit of the broiler chicks , but this values are still significantly lower than that achieved by positive control (PC).
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