Supervise Research Projects

  • Constant Voltagr and frequency of self-excited induction generator driven by a variable speed wind turbine’, Abd alazeem Musa Mohammed, SUST, Dec. 2
  • Performance analysis of self-excited induction generator connected to a micro-hydro turbine’, Montasir Faisal Alameen Fadalla, SUST, Oct. 2014
  • Performance analysis of hybrid electrical vehicle battery charger using voltage oriented control’, Mohammed H. A. Abd Alrahman, SUST, April 2013
  • Performance analysis of double-fed induction generator connected to a wind turbine for variable wind speed, Omar M. Elbab M., SUST, January 2013
  • Performance analysis of isolated self-excited reluctance generator connected to a diode bridge rectifier’, Abuzaid S. Gadalla H., SUST, September 2012

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