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  • Renal Function Over three 8-Hour Periods In Healthy Sudanese Nubian Goats
  • year : 2008
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  • Abstract : Renal function was investigated in 10 adult Sudanese Nubian goats (>2years old) by estimating the urine volume and constituents of each animal at 8 h intervals for 96 h. Urine volume, urine flow rate, pH, specific gravity, endogenous creatinine and urea clearance, urine concentration of urea, uric acid, total protein, and total excretory rate of proteins and electrolytes, were measured using standard methods. Blood serum constituents of the pervious chemicals were also estimated. Only urine outflow rate, urine urea concentration and uric acid as well as urea clearance differed significantly with time. These findings were discussed in relation to the renal function of goats and other ruminants
  • Author :
  • Randa A.B
  • Shadia A
  • Omer and O.S. Ali
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