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  • Evaluation of The Impact of Dinder National Park Project (DNPP) on the Local community in Dinder Area, Sudan
  • year : 2012
  • How to cite : , 2012 , 2 (3) ,pp: 101-104
  • Abstract : This study was conducted in Dinder National Park to evaluate the impact of Dinder National Park Development Project (DNPDP). The project, benefiting from the Area Development Schemes (ADSs) experiences had established about 25 VDCs among the communities surrounding the Dinder Park. The DNPP main objectives were conservation of biodiversity of the park and interaction of the surrounding communities in the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in the Park through the application of concepts of Biosphere Reserve management. The questionnaires were distributed local communities to know their perceptions towards the DNPDP. Most of the Community members i.e. about 74.7% said that the project was successful whereas in the opinion of 25.3% respondents the project was not successful.
  • Author :
  • Ramzy A. Y. EHussien
  • Fawzi. A. M. Ahmed
  • Reem R. M. Salih
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